Easy eye exams
for everyday people

Why should you use Spec-Techs?

To save you money and time, of course!

Our exams are ONLY $75 for healthy individuals!

Spec-Techs provides technology-driven, affordable vision solutions for healthy individuals. By streamlining the exam process – from scheduling to checkout – we’ve lowered the cost and time required to get you seeing better.

While our highly-trained refractive technicians tend to your glasses and contact lens needs, our doctors will monitor your ocular and systemic health via the latest in video and imaging solutions.


Eye Exam

Our eye exams include:

  • Refraction
  • Retinal imaging
  • Videos of the front of your eye
  • Overall health screening

You can then take your renewed eyeglass prescription anywhere to order the glasses of your choice.

Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lens services vary in price depending on whether you’ve worn contacts in the past and the complexity of your eye prescription.

90% of our patients walk out with a new set of trial contact lenses and pay $45-$55 at checkout.

What we have to say

The Battle of Summer: Eyewear VS the Elements

Finally, it’s summer! The season for our outdoor enthusiasts to live life to their fullest. From leisurely walks, to biking, hiking, and everything in between, many Americans will spend at least 2-3 hours per day outdoors during the summer. About 70 percent of Americans wear corrective lenses – and as the sun returns with warm temps, it reminds us to grab our sunglasses.

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Sneaky “Squeakers” and Eye Safety

Throughout the summer, we see patients for a variety of complaints. From sawdust in the eye to abrasions from tree branches, the list goes on. With this in mind, keeping a set of safety glasses handy is always an excellent idea!

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Technology Time Warp & DES

Most of the unfrozen portions of the year, our family finds ample time to be outside. Whether we are gardening & doing yard work, swimming, or sitting around a relaxing bonfire, we tend to spend 2-4 hours per day on the weekends outside. Most of our screen time on the weekends happens later in the day when it is too hot to be outdoors, or when we are winding down for the evening. During the work week, however, it’s another story, and our screen time increases exponentially – and I suspect it’s the same story with many other families we know.

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A Brief History of Eye Exams

Recently, a patient asked me, “How did they do eye exams in the past without all of this fancy equipment?” What a fantastic question! As well as an interesting topic for conversation.

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Hear what others have to say

Noelle F.
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Sure, I’ve had plenty of eye exams in my life— But this experience was supreme. I felt comfortable and secure from the minute I entered this lovely establishment. Every single staff-member went out of their way to make sure i had a good experience in their hands. My eye exam was comfortable, cost-friendly, efficient & thorough. This will be my go-to for all of my (and my loved ones) future eye related needs. Thank you all for being a step above the rest. I’m so thankful to have found you!
Sara M.
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Was very happy they could squeeze me in for a contact prescription, instead of waiting till next year for an appointment they got me in and out in a really quick time. Everyone at the office is so helpful and kind. My contacts came in super quick!
Annalea E.
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This is a great program, and I’m really pleased with the value and affordability of it. This makes top quality eye care very accessible for those who do not have optical insurance. Great job, guys. We’ll be back!
Anders E.
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I was almost out of contacts and this program allowed me to get in sooner and restock before my supply ran out. On top of that everyone in the building was helpful and friendly, and my appointment went smoothly. Would recommend!


Spec stands for specialized solutions, or for spectacles, the vintage name for eyeglasses. Tech stands for technological solutions and highly-trained refractive technicians. Put it all together, and we’ve developed a system to get you a personalized, reliable, and thorough vision screening for cheaper – and with less time spent in a waiting room!

Great question! We invested in some of the latest screening technology, and one of our optometrists personally reviews the photos, videos, and notes from each eye exam. If there’s something unusual going on in your eye, we’ll find it, and we’ll refer you to a local specialist for further testing.

Some of the biggest expenses in healthcare today are hidden ones. By eliminating health insurance from our offerings, and reducing the amount of time our eye doctors have to spend with each patient, we are able to lower our overhead. We pass those savings along to you!

We are currently accepting patients between the ages of 14-55 that are ambulatory & responsive. Because we don’t accept or bill any insurance plans of any type, payment in full is required at check-out. Minors (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

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